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So the journey begins

Writing a blog is difficult.

You have all the emotions insde that you want to write down. You want to convey how you feel to your readers. At the moment words like, Excitment, Anticipation, Discoverey.. pretty much sum up how I feel.

Let me give you some background information.

Earlier this year, after a few life events, I felt something was missing. I had been on 2 week holidays - visitied friends around the world, but it wasnt enough. I would come home, sit in my small apartment and feel, just empty. After seeing sights such as the CN Tower in Toronto, Grand Lund in Stockholm, Niagra Falls, I could go on..

I have lived abroad before, in a Wintery Sweden in 2009 for two months, and I love it. I didnt make the most of the oppurtunity, simply because I didn't have to. Life was good over there and cushty.

I have always been the sort of person to challenge myself, to push my boundaries, to put myself outside of my comfort zone.

So the plan is, February 2014. London to Hong Kong, to Sydney. One of the adventures that I want to do is to head up the East Coast - prefreably by car and experience life on the road. How amazing would that be? The breeze of the summer air on my skin, the sun shining, the cheesey music playing in my car. I cant wait!

I could write alot more, but seeing as this is my first blog, I'll stagger out my posts, after all, nobody wants to read a eassay right? ;)

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